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Before Christine McVie joined Fleetwood Mac, she was a recording artist in her own right.  Initially recorded in 1969 and released under her maiden name, Christine Perfect, this 1976 album reissued as "The Legendary Christine Perfect Album - Christine McVie" showcases her smooth alto and excellent blues piano style.  Having played with Spencer Davis and her own blues band, Chicken Shack, Christine McVie's style on this album is much closer to that of the mid-sixties-era, blues incarnation of early Fleetwood Mac than it is to the multi-platinum selling Mac of the 70's, when Buckingham-Nicks joined the band.  Credit should be given where it is due to Christine McVie for penning many of the Fleetwood Mac hits throughout her tenure in the band, and this album presages that success. 

Why I plucked this album from the bin: First and foremost, of course, is simply that it's a Christine McVie solo album, and one I hadn't seen before.  I knew that they were out there, but not easy to find.  Also, who could resist that album cover?  A tough looking chick in a rattan papasan chair - gotta have it. 

Album personnel of note: Danny Kirwan on guitar, who went on to play in an incarnation of the Mac; and of course John McVie on bass. 

Condition: Vinyl=perfect; Cover=Pretty good (some edge fraying, a little fading of artwork)

Wine Pairing: A chilled rose, goat cheese on toast, and a bump.

Score: Worth full price paid ($1.98)

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