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  • Music research & creative music placement

  • Obtaining quotes, clearances and licensing of songs 

  • Music budget consultation

  • Advice about how to approach musical aspect of project 

  • Composer sourcing and direction


We've spent many years and many thousands of hours putting music with picture, and we have a good sense about when the song latches onto the visual image and creates a perfect musical alchemy.  Sometimes you need a song that will help tell your story; at other times, you just need to add an extra element that will help frame the story.  Uncle Agnes can work with you to find exactly what you're looking for (even if you don't know what that is yet) and draw out the essence of the narrative, emotion, or circumstance.


There are great songs, and there are great visuals, and we can help you find the right alchemy between the two. A good song placement will add another dimension to a visual story that you wouldn't otherwise get without music.   There is more to music placement than just song + picture:  texture, emotion, rhythm, timing, color, timbre, key, and idea all play a role.