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It Came From the Dollar Bin

There's a world of vinyl out there.  Most of it is now at my house. 

Here's what I've listened to lately:

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This was one of those albums that, try as I might, I couldn't ignore the oddly compelling, yet somewhat abject cover art.  It's a closeup of someone drinking water from a water fountain, and yet you're not sure whether the water is coming in or going out.  It was the first record in the next bin over, and after being distracted by it over and over again, I finally picked it up and showed it to Thee Perfesser, who, after looking at it closely, said, "oh!  Ashra!  Let's get that".  He reminded me that a few years ago we had the great fortune of hearing the founder of Ashra, Manuel Gottsching, perform a live soundtrack to a 20's silent movie at Cinefamily.  Little did I know what music delights this album had in store for us.  

If you're a fan of early Pink Floyd, and I know that you secretly are, then Ashra is for you.  In 1971, when the group was still going by the name Ash Ra Tempel,  they bought Pink Floyd's recording equipment, and you can hear where they were  going with that same recording mindset.  Correlations, recorded in 1979, has a spare, clean Krautrock feel mixed with psychedelic prog-rock and a bit of disco and some Frippery thrown in for good measure.    All tracks are instrumental,  performed with impeccable musicianship, and the album was recorded, premixed and remixed in Berlin and Frankfurt.   (Premixed and remixed!  Nobody does that.  Except for Steely Dan).  Math-rock, get back to class. 

Wine pairing:  Chilled Riesling and a large salted pretzel.

Condition: Both the vinyl and cover are in excellent condition.  

Score: ausgezeichnet.